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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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arrested. the richmond man who killed two people at the richmond san rafael toll plaza is today expected to be sentenced to death. nathan burris will attend a hearing this morning. he was convicted last year in the 2009 murders. burris represented himself during that trial. students getting a lesson on internet safety. 50,000 students learning how to deal with cyberbullying, privacy concerns and uncertainty about what kind of information you can actually trust online. the school district coordinating that event with the district attorney's office in addition to teaching that new skill, the district is also doing the lesson to meet a federal requirement to receive funding for more classroom technology. just about 5:02 now. surfs up this weekend at half moon bay. the famed mavericks surf competition takes place this weekend bringing some of the best surfers in the entire world.
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"today in the bay's" christie smith is live at ocean beach where a storm surge is expected to kick up some very big waves come sunday. christie, be careful out there. >> reporter: thank you very much. good morning to you, marla. after two winters without an event, the mavericks surf invitational is finally back. they are expecting some big waves to come toward half moon bay. when i say big, they are talking 30 to 40-foot waves coming in off the coast there which means 24 big wave surfers from around the world are on the way here. a five-man committee made the decision earlier this week. we spoke with director jeff clark. five of the surfers involved will be riding a special surfboard that he designed this time to be much faster. with thousands of people expected in half moon bay, the locals are making plans to actually try to avoid all of the traffic. >> kind of makes locals angry. it's fun to watch. it's great living in a small town like this there's a lot of that tourists coming and traffic
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and it's hard to get around. >> staying at home and letting the people come in and spend their money. >> reporter: now the beach that fans normally watch will be closed. police are going to block it off to prevent a ree pepeat of fan washout in 2010. mavericks is holding a festival with big screens you can watch behind the hotel. all of the action starts this sunday. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll show you -- >> we obviously just lost christie's audio there. in 30 minutes she'll have more for us. mavericks is not the only thing going on. the niners are in the playoffs this weekend. the team leaves for atlanta today. sunday's game is at noon. plus, the sharks are in calgary for their first game of the season. game time pushed back to 4:00 p.m. so bay area fans could watch football and hockey. >> wise move. >> very smart. and the harlem globetrotters are
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in town at oracle arena tomorrow and hp pavilion on sunday and bob redell will shoot hoops during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. >> we have 49ers. we have sharks. mavericks and then top it off bob redell globetrotters. sports heaven. the guy has got game. meteorologist christina loren has all kinds of weather game for us. looks like a lot of sunshine out there. >> we'll see such a beautiful weekend. happy friday. 33 degrees in livermore. 36 in san jose. cold to start. you'll need your heavy winter coat. we're well in the heart of winter. temperatures later on today are going to feel springlike. by 1:00 p.m. already touching on the 60s in places like san jose, napa and santa rosa. we'll round out the day at 70 degrees in gilroy. 70 for santa theresa. 67 degrees in beautiful downtown san jose. now, if you are going to be headed out to the mavericks competition, want to talk about such a treat we have in store for you.
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the reason for those big waves is this storm system 1,500 miles away. as we head throughout the afternoon hours on saturday and sunday, temperatures close to 70 degrees at some of your beaches. it will be absolutely perfect. however, if you will head out for the beginning of the day, you want to remember to bring your coat. it's still going to be a little bit on the chilly side at 8:00 a.m. temperatures around 47 degrees. 1:00 p.m. look at your high. 69 degrees for the mavericks. that's perfect for viewing. bring that sunscreen. a high uv index. let's check on your drive. motorcycles out there later this weekend. >> probably because of the sunny skies and so we will alert folks smaller vehicles like motorcycles increased awareness is reanecessary for rest of the drivers. easy flow for the live shot. similar situation. no big deal as far as flow of traffic. i want to update you here. southbound 280 approaching the exit, a crash that is reported there at the off-ramp. it is not in the lanes and there are no major injuries. just property damage and car hit
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the embankment and went up on the edge there. also in the same area looks like a stall heading south further and that might be in lanes. we'll track that. meanwhile, we'll look at the north bay. a live shot shows you southbound 101 with a pretty steady flow of light traffic right now. novato to san rafael. northbound side earlier car fire has cleared out of the roadway and no injuries and no problems. it's out of the lanes at old redwood highway off-ramp. look outside showing the approach off the richmond bridge heading down through berkeley and emeryville. look at the space between the cars. light flow right now. this is friday. we'll see that build more gradual but it will build likely peaking in the afternoon as folks head into the city later today for weekend activities. we'll track your commute. back to you. >> thanks for the update. out in washington, d.c. preparations continue for president obama's inauguration. the presidential viewing stand now complete. the national mall being transformed into america's stage where the president will take his oath of office. it's expected more than 800,000 spectators will attend this one.
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the secret service promising better crowd management this time around after thousands got stuck in a tunnel back in 2009. they ended up missing the president being sworn in. oakland mayor jean kwan in washington to attend president obama's inauguration but also attending the u.s. conference of mayors looking for federal help in fighting crime. mayor kwan hoping the department of justice will allow fbi analysts to assist oakland police as it investigates crimes there. last year an atf task force helping oakland pd arrest 60 suspects and seize 92 guns off the street. the new promise from the uc regents regarding student tuition. a pair of bay area hospitals in talks to try to team up. why they say that's good news for bay area patients. it's now a sense of how much money you'll pay under the fiscal cliff deal may have you rolling your eyes.
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welcome back. a live look at the capitol in washington, d.c. where preparations are well under way for the president's inauguration public oath on monday, january 20th. we'll have the latest for you starting "today in the bay" at 4:30 on monday morning. rit now it's 5:10. oakland based company has sold the downtown high rise to a san diego company for $110 million. the company will keep its headquarters in the building in space it's leasing from the new owner. the other empty space will be enve enree renovated. a "wall street journal" analysis of who will pay what under the new tax plans getting a few chuckles this morning. scott mcgrew single moms will now have to pay $70,000 in taxes. how's that possible? >> it's possible if you're "the wall street journal." the journal made a graphic
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showing a different number of americans all walks of life really what they'll have to pay in taxes. the single mother there on the left who makes $260,000 a year will have to pay about $70,000 in taxes. you see her sad face there. now the retired couple on the right who is scraping by at $180,000 a year also features. you'll have to feel bad in the lower right for mr. and mrs. average. they are trying to raise four children with an income of $650,000. that is only $54,000 a month that they have to get by on. analysis which ran a week ago in the journal is getting online attention this morning. lots of people assuming it ran in the onion, it's "the wall street journal." intel reported profits last night either good because they exceeded expectations or they're bad because intel clearly dealing with very quickly declining chip demand as fewer people buy computers. intel also says it will invest
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millions in new machinery and capital expenditures with cool guys called cap ex. let's check in with cnbc this morning and they are not there today. they are being supercool. they have friday off. here's something interesting for you. you know how we report factory jobs declining in the united states. it's not because we're making less stuff. factory output is growing because american factories are using robots. this sunday on "press: here" we'll examine what robots mean for the world economy. we sent factory jobs overseas. those jobs could come back to america and made by robots. one of the world's experts on technology and manufacturing from m.i.t. will be my guest this week. this could be a game changer in world politics. for about the last ten years we've been giving developing economies like china and india a taste of capitalism and growing standard of living. we're this close to taking the jobs away. the moment robots become cheaper
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to operate than people, what will happen with china when all those people lost their jobs? they're our biggest bank. i understand that we do have nbc. let's check in with whoever it is this morning. seema mody. good morning. >> it's me. hello. good morning. futures are mixed this morning after markets overseas specifically in japan rallied overnight. the nikkei moving higher after they said remarks on the yen were misinterpreted. intel reported disappointed earnings last night. stocks rose thursday on numbers with unemployment and housing market. we get earnings from general electric and morgan stanley. we're watching those two stocks closely. the dow rising 84 points yesterday and nasdaq adding 18. back over to you. >> all right. thank you. have a great weekend. coming up in a little bit, gadget friday. >> i love gadget friday.
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>> one of many more reasons to look forward to friday here. >> scott mcgrew, thank you very much. meteorologist christina loren looking at the forecast now. it's friday. we made it. i'm so happy. >> good vibrations. >> we made it. congratulations, everybody. good looking day. good looking weekend shaping up. we want to thank you for waking up with us. 36 degrees in san jose. 31 in gilroy. 34 degrees to start you out in santa cruz. it's been very, very cold as you know. we had a cold snap. we're done with it. temperatures today climbing into the 70s in some cities. not all cities. a couple beach cities hitting the 70s as we get into this afternoon. a great looking day shaping up. temperatures this morning very cold. grab that heavy winter coat. you want to dress in layers for today. onshore flow returns and like i've been telling you, the showers i track for next weekend still coming in on all of the
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models. this weekend enjoy 70s. next weekend is looking rainy and cold. warming trend really kicks into high gear today. low 70s. this is where your temps are headed. savor it. 65 in redwood city. 68 degrees today in santa cruz. sunday a couple degrees cooler. monday into tuesday things start to change. clouds roll in. the fog comes back. temperatures not as comfortable. we'll hold onto 60s until thursday. like i said, friday, saturday, sunday of next week the rain, the cold comes back in. enjoy the stretch. you deserve it. what are you tracking? friday light this morning. >> we'll see congestion and
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clearing sooner then the traffic will shift. i'm also watching an issue. stalled vehicle reported right around isabelle avenue in the westbound commute direction. no slowing has showed up over the last five minutes. we'll track that. they should have that cleared to the shoulder no problem. we'll watch that commute also in the afternoon hours early start to slowing out of livermore over toward the altamont and central valley. some folks will take that route if you are headed to the sierra and with great conditions like we have this weekend likely heading across the bridges up interstate 80 through sacramento over toward tahoe as well. you have road crew there north of the carquinez bridge. no slowing. commute direction heading across the carquinez through hercules and toward the bay bridge. let's look at that. yesterday we had problems brewing on the upper deck. this time this deck is cleared. so is the lower deck. no problems across the bay. good stuff for the bay bridge. over on the peninsula side, here's 101 coming toward us. that's the northbound side. there's the southbound side.
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right past home depot the weekend is coming up. home depot, i'll see you probably tomorrow. back to you guys. >> bright and early. what time do they open? >> usually about 8:00. >> thank you so much. 5:17. marin county is declaring its first ever gun buyback program an overwhelming success. sheriff's deputies ran out of money during tuesday's buyback and had to issue vouchers. this is video of a gun buyback in san francisco last month where it was also a huge success. marin county says 827 guns were turned in. each person offered $100 or $200 per gun. that's how much they received for each gun they turned in. county officials are now trying to raise money to make good on those vouchers. 5:17 right now. uc regents offering good news for students. tuition will not go up during the 2013-2014 school year. the uc system raising tuition every year between 2006 and
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2011. the recent passage of prop 30 and improved economy helping the school system avoid tuition increases over the past two years. during a board of regents meeting yesterday, governor jerry brown urging the board to make drastic changes and stem spending. he says uc executives are paid too much. children's hospital in oakland may be teaming up with ucsf to save money. board members from both organizations are looking at how a partnership between the two may save millions each year. children's hospital says a partnership may make it easier to buy better equipment. both organizations are weighing the advantages of joint research. united nations secretary-general ban kim moon continues his visit. the owner of a oyster
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company can learn whether he gets to keep his oyster farm open for now. last november the department of interior told the company the lease had expired and it would have to shut down operations. the owner is suing to extend the lease on the land. a federal judge will decide whether to grant an injunction and allow the company to stay open while it investigates the government's decision to shut it down. if you like extreme sports, you'll like this. 5:19 right now. the x games could be coming to california. tahoe is in the running to hold them. details next. amazing video. check this out. firefighter on a rescue mission suddenly needs rescues himself. >> that's freaky to watch every time. this is a very tranquil compared to that. live look over the city by the bay. san francisco old glory slowly flapping in the wind as temperatures start to rise. christina loren will tell us about a nice looking wean ining coming up.
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welcome back on a feel good friday. a beautiful day in the nation's capital out in washington, d.c. as they are planning for a big bash on monday. all weekend long. the preparations getting set for monday's presidential inauguration. they are putting the pieces into place. the stage is ready to go. security is in place. so people ready to tell the president of the united states welcome aboard for a second term. it is now 5:22. washington, d.c. we move back out this way and lake tahoe right now good news for extreme sports fans. lake tahoe in the running to host those x games. espn says lake tahoe is on that list of eligible destinations to host the extreme sports contest that will take place between 2015 and 2017. tahoe wins competition would be held at heavenly mountain resort
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and squaw valley. a firefighter in russia is almost taken out by falling ice as he tries to rescue a child from a burning apartment building. take a look at this amazing video. the firefighter was climbing the ladder to the fourth floor window. look at that. a chunk of snow breaks off the roof right over his head. he fell backward but managed to cling to the ladder as his fellow firefighters came to the rescue. >> unbelievable he didn't go down. >> one climbed over him and saved a child from that window despite that. the firefighter believe it or not was not seriously hurt. i'm sure he could use a trip to the chiropractor. >> a nice drink or something. that's incredible. unbelievable the way he just stuck on that ladder. thank goodness everyone is okay. then went and saved the kid. firefighters always in harm's way. appreciate them. christina loren is telling us we have a nice looking weekend ahead. >> we do. we always salute our heroes. firefighters and of course police officers. temperatures this morning cold
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enough for ice. it is a wintry morning. however, we'll see a springlike finish to the day. 36 degrees in san jose. 31 in gilroy. 33 in livermore. of course the coldest santa rosa at 28 degrees. now, as we head throughout this afternoon, we'll be about three to five degrees warmer than yesterday which was a nice day. then we'll peak on saturday at 72 degrees. ten degrees above average in places like santa cruz. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> folks, the reason i'm looking over here toward the interchange is not because of volume of traffic. it's light. i'm looking away from us as those taillights travel south on 280 reports of an accident there that i've been telling you. i don't see it. i don't see activity. on the maps we'll mark it out there just south of that 17 interchange reports of a crash. no injuries but one lane might be blocked as crews have arrived on scene. the rest of your south bay moves smoothly. 880 was showing slowing
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approaching the interchange. 880 through oakland. this is what we see a bump in the traffic north with taillights and south with headlights. no incident past the coliseum or north through downtown and that's better news through the bay bridge which is so far clear for now. back to you. here's information you will appreciate. caltrans is looking to ease c congestion extending metering lights past 9:00 a.m. along highway 17 to highway 101 corridor. metering lights have been extended at northbound highway 87 and westbound 237 and lights one past 10 in highway 101 in san mateo county. if you are planning on traveling this weekend, expect delays at sfo. for a second weekend in a row a runway will be shut down for construction. flights there could be delayed by as many as 45 minutes. this weekend's work is scheduled through next monday morning. there is one more for the record. one more scheduled maintenance
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next weekend as well before this upgrade work is complete. 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay," a bay area police force now in search of a new chief. plus, the best big wave surfers from all around the globe starting to arrive right here in the bay area. coming up, how a bay area company will play a big part in this weekend's beautiful mavericks invitational. they're back. live to san francisco and a look at the palace of fine arts. a gorgeous shot no matter what time of day. gorgeous property. you can see traffic flowing back around off the golden gate bridge. we'll check the forecast with christina and commute with mike. it's 5:26. stay with us.
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an overnight update on pablo sandoval. the giants first baseman hospitalized in his native venezuela.
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49ers packing up and getting ready to head out to the atl. we'll take a look at that and the rest of your big weekend. you want to dress for winter this morning. plenty of frost to be found up in santa rosa. a springlike finish to the day. temps in the 70s. we keep on climbing. seven-day forecast is moments away. a clear view across the san mateo bridge. once you reach the peninsula side, something to watch out for. we'll give you that location and what it is coming up. what it is is a live look over san jose. sun has come not up but it will. it's friday. it's january 18th. this is "today in the bay." even if it didn't come up, at least it's still friday. >> we have that going for us. >> it's 5:30.
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i'm marla tellez in for marla tellez. the mavericks surf competition happening this sunday. 24 of the best surfers on the entire planet riding some of the big waves out on half moon bay and technology this year from a bay area based company that will help take you along for that ride. "today in the bay's" christie smith joining us live from san mateo county with a first for this year's big mavericks competition. what's happening out there? >> reporter: all sorts of technology involved this year. in fact, it was what got everyone excited in the first place and that was mavericks invitational is a go and after that surfers from all around the world got excited and started getting their tickets to come here and compete in half moon bay. this year you won't be able to watch from the shoreline like did you before because of a sneaker wave that came ashore two years ago. you can get a view of the surfing action going on in half moon bay.
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the tiny cameras will be mounted on the surfboards out there during the event and it will stream the footage onto mavericks website. >> what's fascinating is every day we're humbled in this office. a new piece of content lands on our social media inbox and it's something totally unexpected. we found ostrich jockeys rocking these things. >> reporter: go pro is sponsoring mavericks this year after the waves knocked fans off their feet in 2010. law enforcement will block beach access. you can watch it live close by. there is a festival with big screens behind the hotel. 1.5 million people watched online. 40,000 people came into town to try to watch it in person. the event kicks off sunday at 8:00 a.m. but decisions, finals around 12:30. the same time as the niners game.
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reporting live at ocean beach, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. you want to talk about a sports weekend heaven. in addition to mavericks, bay area sports fans got football. those 49ers led by colin kaepernick down in atlanta for the nfc title game. winner going to the super bowl. niners still in santa clara expected to load up and fly out to atlanta this afternoon. go get them fellows. at 3:00 on sunday, the sharks finally starting their season. they will open up a 49-game push in calgary sunday afternoon. the puck now drops at 4:00. san jose's police chief will officially step down later today. chris moore announced early last year he would retire on january 18th. as one of his final acts as chief, moore denying san jose's casino matrix the opportunity to open high stakes gaming on the
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eighth floor. larry esquivel will take over until they find a replacement chief. a 27-year veteran of the san jose police force. he says he's just not interested in taking the job full time. the san jose mother who lied about the attempted abduction of her 2-year-old daughter may now be charged later today for filing a false police report. san jose police say they discovered the lie after re-interviewing that woman. they say her story was not consistent. this morning a number of people very upset by that lie. police who spent money on that investigation and neighbors who for 48 hours thought a child predator was on the loose. >> angry right now because everyone thought it was real and everyone was so scared. >> police will now discuss that case with the santa clara county district attorney's office who will decide whether charges should in fact be filed. the sundance film festival is under way and this year
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feature as film about the infamous b.a.r.t. police shooting that happened on new year's day back in 2009. "fruitvale" follows oscar grant in the days leading up to the shooting. octavia spencer will be grant's mother. it premieres tomorrow night. new details regarding a health scare for giants star pablo sandoval. a picture of the panda here from a newspaper in venezuela. it shows the world series mvp checking himself into a venezuelan hospital. his brother tweeted that picture out and says sandoval was checked in with abdominal pain. doctors diagnosing him with colitis. swelling of the colon including bad abdominal pain. sandoval set to be released sometime very soon. yet another spare the air day. take note here. you cannot burn wood indoors or outside. this marks the third consecutive
5:34 am
spare the air day and the sixth one so far in 2013. the weather is always important when it comes to the weekend. >> spectacular. >> meteorologist christina loren has all of the information we're looking for. >> bring it on. >> spectacular. can we say that at home together. he's right on point as usual. it's going to be really, really nice. you know what? you made it through the cold snap. you deserve the 70s. not everyone will hit the 70s. it's easy. quick drive down to santa cruz and enjoy them. fog to point out through santa rosa as per usual. only place reporting that fog. half mile visibility so keep that in mind. travel cautiously up there. otherwise we're looking pretty good. visibilities that are good enough for you to hit the highway without worrying about getting dropped off in fog. we can tell you frosty out there. it's cold enough for that heavy winter coat. 35 degrees right now in sunnyvale. noon temperatures really, really comfortable. great day to make the outdoor lunch plans.
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you don't get that many opportunities to do so in january in the bay area. take advantage of this. 70 degrees in gilroy. 67 in san jose. 66 degrees in los gatos. 68 degrees in beautiful santa cruz. we keep on climbing as we get into the weekend. your full forecast is just a few moments away. want to point out it's a spare the air day with unhealthiest air quality up in the north bay. 5:36. let's check on your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. as we look at the san mateo bridge, clear drive and clear view. you can see flat section here and high rise twinkling in the distance. you can see it going off the screen. as folks approach 101, that's fine on the map. you'll see eastbound 92 away from the bridge and onto 101. it's northbound 101 to west 92 that is an issue. i marked the wrong direction. toward san mateo hills, reports of a recliner in the roadway. center divide and possibly in the fast lane. be careful out there as you head over toward san mateo hills off northbound 101. over here westbound 580 and
5:36 am
south 680 is your commute through the trivalley. westbound 580 builds volume and isabelle avenue is off-ramp closed right now because of earlier disabled vehicle. they have to remove that. closed the off-ramp for safety sake. loop back but then you head through the area that's not a problem. walnut creek interchange. 680 and 24 smooth. caldecott to the bay bridge a clear drive. toll plaza itself at the bay bridge shows a few folks now starting to wait in the cash lanes. even on friday about this time we see the backup. just builds more gradually. we see that pattern. back to you. we have some new details surrounding all of those grounded dreamliners including the status of today's flight set out of san jose. you may have seen lance armstrong confessing to using performance enhancing drugs with his interview with oprah.
5:37 am
why he says he doesn't think he cheated.
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welcome back. wanted to give you a live look of a bizarre situation that's under way in chicago. you're looking live at a cemetery there with authorities have begun exhuming the body of a chicago man who was poisoned with cyanide after winning the lottery. they say this man died in july as he was about to collect $425,000 in lottery winnings. his death was initially ruled as a result of natural causes but a relative pressed for a much deeper look. that's what's going to happen now. the cook county medical examiner plans to conduct another autopsy all in an effort to figure out exactly how this lottery winner died. we'll continue to stay on this story to bring you the latest. it's 5:41 now. washington getting ready for president obama's second inauguration. some of the hundreds of thousands of spectators are
5:40 am
expected to attend are already arriving. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. i know you tweeted about how cold it could be come monday. good morning. >> reporter: 28 degrees is the low. it's going to be pretty cold. not quite as cold as it was last time. standing up there with 600,000 to 800,000 people we'll all try to stay warm as president obama is sworn in for the second time in one weekend. the official swear in happens on sunday because january 20th is the day he officially takes office. the big public event is on monday. we are seeing the grandstands, all of the security, the barricades are up on the national mall, along the parade route and across the street from the white house at lafayette park across the street where the viewing stand is and the first family will view the parade. they have 42 different agencies working on this. this weekend we've got the
5:41 am
national day of service on saturday. the official swear in for the president is at the white house on sunday. and then the big event with the big crowds on monday. >> okay. question for you. where are you going to be? you'll be covering it. >> reporter: i'm going to be covering it. on monday morning -- on sunday morning i believe i'm planning to be at the white house on monday morning i'm going to be at the west front near the ceremony so hopefully we'll have a pretty good view to be able to tell you what's going on in and around the ceremony as this gets under way. >> looking forward to seeing your live reports. tell mr. president hello for me and jon of course and congratulations. >> reporter: i'll try. >> mission to stay warm. thank you very much. how cool is this? a handful of lucky students from right here in the bay area enjoying the honor of attending monday's presidential inauguration. maybe they'll run into tracie out there. students with the youth video corps at the media center in palo alto getting tickets from a
5:42 am
congresswoman's office. the teens being awarded for producing videos about their community. now they'll also get a chance to hit the road on an historic working trip. >> we'll be interviewing elected officials. we're working on maybe trying to get into the white house. we will be at the ceremonies. >> teens will also be blogging for the media center and southwest airlines which paid for their airfare. the team may also meet a milpitas college student who won tickets to go out there from a congressman's office in a facebook contest. new this morning, u.s. officials say some of the americans being held hostage at a natural gas plant deep in the syria desert are still unaccounted for. the americans are part of a group of more than 40 foreigners taken hostage.
5:43 am
six people are confirmed dead. some hostages managed to escape including the americans. the situation is fluid and there's no sign the militants are backing down. new video to show of that battery responsible for the emergency landing of a boeing 787 dreamliner. this is the charred lithiom ion battery. it weighed 11 pounds less than the normal one. officials are in japan helping with this investigation of the plane. the dreamliner had to make an emergency landing earlier this week after the pilot reported smelling smoke. a flight from san jose to japan that was originally scheduled to go off at 11:45 this morning. that flight along with all dreamliner flights around the country and around the world have been canceled until further notice. >> that inaugural flight at san
5:44 am
jose was just one week ago. >> just getting started and now all grounded. >> meteorologist christina loren joining us now with a look at the weekend forecast looking good. >> really looking good especially if you want to get outdoors and if you have been putting out outdoor activities because of the cold. no more excuses today. the cold snap has been called and temperatures are going to climb into the 70s in some cities. want to start with a good looking live shot over san jose. california and this is one of those weekends where if you want to hit the slopes, we have superb skiing in tahoe and great beach conditions everywhere except for in the beach itself. high surf advisory is in place because we'll see some really big winds. big enough to prompt the mavericks on sunday and so i can tell you that you're much safer staying out of the water over the course of the weekend. the sneaker waves will do just that. sneak up on you. 39 degrees to start you out in
5:45 am
napa. 36, good morning, san jose. temperatures are going to be really, really comfortable for today. high pressure taking the storm track to the north. doesn't come back until saturday and sunday of next week. this weekend is much better for outdoor activities. yosemite is actually keeping the doors open for free on monday, martin luther king, jr., day. 60s. beautiful out there throughout today. tomorrow even warmer. we'll hold onto that beautiful weather even as we get into the weekend and beginning of next week. looking good for the next few days. it's been cold for the past two weeks. you deserve 67 degrees in san jose today. 70 for gilroy. 64 in the city by the bay and 65 degrees in livermore. we got pounded in december. looks like so far this january has been very, very dry. r storm track returns next weekend. this is going to go down as a very, very cold month. january unusually cold until now. look at this. 1:00 p.m. heading out to mavericks festival, 69 degrees
5:46 am
in half moon bay, which is a beautiful temperature reading even in the summertime. enjoy that. next three days look like this. upper 60s all weekend long inland and then we'll cool you off just a touch monday into tuesday of next week. showers not until friday to saturday. clouds increasing before that time and temperatures aren't going to be quite as nice as we get into middle of next week. we'll see clouds thicken up. the fog rolling back in. and then showers move in friday, saturday and sunday. let's check your drive. 5:47. lots to do this weekend, mike. >> lots to do and not a lot to report as far as accidents, crashes, blocking a freeway and that's good news for friday. we'll take that and ease into your weekend. earlier crash 280 has cleared up. a light flow of traffic there. we have southbound 87 where we had tower tread in the lanes. i saw slowing out of downtown just for a couple minutes likely a traffic break that went on. now even though chp is not yet cleared that from the report, i
5:47 am
don't see slowing. i think that's clear. 101 toward 680 and 280, that will start to see a build but slower than on a typical monday through thursday. north 101 to west 92 still reports of that recliner getting cleared from that center divide. might be partially blocking the connector as crews clear that should be quick over the next few minutes as you get out of foster city and into san mateo. san mateo bridge south 80 moves smoothly. slowing through the toll plaza. no problems for 680 off the dublin interchange and earlier debris blocking that off-ramp. now you have your commute through the tri-valley. things are building up a bit in these cash lanes. fastrak lanes not a problem. north bay very clear. novato down through san rafael. back to you. >> okay. thank you so much. happening now, we're going to give you a live look at hayward where fire investigators are trying to figure out what happened to cause an overnight apartment fire. you can see the damage there. not only the door completely charred but much of the interior
5:48 am
also gutted. we're hearing reports of one person taken to the hospital. "today in the bay's" bob redell is on the scene. he's busy right now gathering the latest information. he will have a live report for us coming up at 6:00. also new this morning, the fbi releasing a passenger connected to a reported hijack threat. they had to scramble fighter jets after receiving a tip that a passenger on board a flight from hawaii was planning to hijack it. the passenger was detained. agents took time to interview the passenger for nearly two hours but do not anticipate he will be arrested. some passengers on that flight say they didn't even realize anything was going on. >> the only thing i saw was when the police came on the airplane and asked the lady next to him to get up and they took him outside. >> so far no reports on exactly
5:49 am
who made that original call to the fbi. a lot of people this morning talking about lance armstrong's interview with oprah winfrey. the cyclist admits he used performance enhancing drugs. he said he never felt like he was cheating. >> i have this exercise because i kept hearing, you know, that i'm a cheat. i'm a cheater. i went and looked up the definition of cheat. the definition of cheat is to gain an advantage on a rival or foe that they don't have. i didn't do view it that way. i viewed it as a level playing field. >> this morning on the "today" show mat lauer will talk exclusively with one of lance armstrong's former teammates and the "today" show will have an exclusive interview with the ceo of armstrong's livestrong foundation. the "today" show starts at 7:00 here after "today in the bay." time 5:51.
5:50 am
go ahead. >> i'll take this. things looking up for facebook. thank you. i like that. the new award for the bay area company. we'll let you know what's up coming up. a series of controversial apps suddenly pulled from google play. in our gadget friday this week. a sticker for your cat. does your cat not have a sticker. stick around.
5:51 am
5:52 am
good morning. it's 5:53. a controversial set of apps disappeared from the google play store. says a series of apps that allowed users to alter photos to see what they would look like as a different ethnicity such as asian, native american, so on and so fort has disappeared. some called the apps racist and insulting. make me asian app changes the shapes of the person's eyes, puts a rice patty hat on them and fu manchu mustache.
5:53 am
it is 5:54. some good vibrations this week for facebook. the stock is up. they have a new search engine and a nice award. how about best company to work for in 2013. this actually marks the second time facebook has received that award. this is according to the editors of the website's online jobs and glass door. workers there love it. they say they applaud facebook's laid back culture, free food, transportation, and day care. something to like. the award is based on employee feedback based on unanimous surveys sent into the company who holds this. earlier this week fortune magazine named google as its top pick. scott mcgrew says he'll never lose his car keys again. i assume this involves a gadget. >> a small gadget. it's called stick and find. it's a tiny sticker. this is the stick part that will go on the car keys or tag on your pet or whatever you are
5:54 am
constantly losing. the find part is on your smartphone or tablet. so here's the app up and running. we're searching for the cat. the cat is getting closer. and we're on top of the cat. so $40 for two stickers. it's super cool. the inventor in florida made a special trip to come out and bring us this a couple days early. these go on sale in march. you can preorder them. so many cool inventors on there. lots of features. you can limit to how far away the sticker gets and an alarm will go out. if you stick one on your child at a crowded amusement park and send a signal to the sticker and it will light up and buzz in case your kid is under the couch. it's super neat. where will these be available? everywhere. every store wants these. >> did you ask the inventor what he's going to do with the millions he'll make from this?
5:55 am
>> make a new thing. more information on our facebook page and we'll get something up to real soon. >> you can find your cat. now an app that will change that kitty litter. >> that we haven't got. >> thank you very much. 5:56 right now. let's check in with christina loren to see what's happening outside. good morning. >> good morning to you. hopefully that will put an end to the kid leash. i feel bad for those kids. 33 degrees in livermore this morning. we just jumped to 37 from 36 in san jose. temperatures are cold enough for a heavy winter coat this morning. something that you can peel off later on. by noon you are ditching that first layer. 55 degrees at noon in san francisco. you will round out the day mid to upper 60s. a few isolated 70s in places like gilroy. your full seven-day forecast, the weekend numbers coming right up. first, want to get you out the front door on a good note on a friday. >> we're looking to palo alto 101 more company. no real slowing. we'll take you out to maps and show you the same area.
5:56 am
light volume of traffic. there's a nice drive. even traveling north of the dumbarton bridge. 280 southbound heading down toward vista point, you do have a crash reported there involving a number of cars and maybe some deer and also highway 92 crowded because sunday has the mavericks. we end here. back to you. >> all right, mike. thank you very much. right now it's 5:57. still ahead, the new report that could impact this year's summer vacation. we'll let you know which day of the week you should buy a plane ticket that could save you hundreds of dollars.
5:57 am
5:58 am
the smoky aftermath as an apartment unit goes up in flames in the east bay. fear and concern turns to outrage in the south bay. we'll tell you how a mother's claim about an attempted kidnapping turned out to be a hoax. surf, turf and some ice. indeed a busy weekend for bay
5:59 am
area sports fans. we'll tell you how you can catch all of the action. that's right. not only will we see big waves but a big warmup. we'll tell you the best places to be weatherwise across the bay area in your full forecast. we're seeing action already over here at the bay bridge and on the peninsula i'll give you the latest on that crash coming up. giving you a live look at the bay bridge right now. mike had a look at the toll plaza and we give you a look at the span on this friday, january 18th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we have a developing story to tell you about out of hayward. fire investigators on the scene of an apartment trying to figure out what sparked a very large fire. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in hayward with details. good morning.


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